So… you or your family just got a new puppy; what’s next? No one ever talks about the first steps we should take when we get a puppy… let alone the steps that will set us up for a successful future with that puppy. Getting a puppy is always exciting until the newness wears off, and we have no idea what to do!

Here are some questions that you may be asking yourself!

What supplies or tools do I need when I get my puppy?

  1. A kennel! This is how you are going to teach your puppy structure and help them to understand the boundaries that are in your house. (ex. When I put you in a crate at night, it is time to sleep. Or when I put you in a crate with your food, it is time to eat.) Setting these boundaries early will help you and your puppy build that mutual respect that allows them to WANT to listen to you when you start more advanced training!
  2. Durable leash and collar. I get it.. we don’t want to spend lots of money right out of the gate on a collar they will grow out of. But it is essential to get one that can adjust as they grow, they can’t wiggle out of, and one they won’t chew through! Same thing with the leash. Since this is a tool your puppy won’t grow out of, get one that won’t slip easily out of your hands (leather or biothane are the materials I recommend) which will last longer than a few weeks.
  3. Good quality puppy food. Let me ask you this: If someone only fed you ramen noodles and mac & cheese daily, would your brain and body be functioning at their full potential? The answer is NO (I know… it’s a bummer). But if your puppy isn’t getting the proper nutrition, they won’t be able to think, grow, and function at their best. 

You told me I need to feed good food, now which food is the right one to provide?

You walk into the grocery store to buy food that looks right for your puppy… but there are so many options that you pick the one you think they would like best! But what if I told you that most, if not all, of those options were causing more harm than good? Would you choose something different? I bet you would!

The problem with most dog food companies is that they are putting way more focus on the quantity of their food rather than the quality of it. This results in cutting corners and compromising to reduce the price of the food when it is manufactured, which leads to adding fillers and preservatives into YOUR puppy food. They know they can catch your eye with a low retail price. But at what cost? Because of these fillers and preservatives, you are guaranteed to feed almost double, sometimes triple, what your puppy needs! There needs to be more nutrients in the amount they SHOULD be eating, so the bag will tell you to feed them more. Not to mention the waste going in one end and out the other with no nutrient absorption.

But what if I told you there was a brand out there with absolutely NO fillers or preservatives? One that is all-natural and guaranteed to leave you satisfied or your money back. I have used this brand for six years and have seen it firsthand take hundreds of dogs on a 180-degree turn in their overall health and vitality.

I’ll make it easy, so you don’t have to dig. Click the box below to see my favorite puppy foods and all the products you will ever need for your puppy!

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