My name is Karlee Stark! I have been a dog trainer for 10 years and grew up working for a top-line breeding program. I love working with all kinds of dogs and have experience in most training areas! I also understand the importance of quality nutrition for pets and its impact on their lives.

I grew up on a farm raising dogs, cattle, horses, chickens, goats, and hay. I was raised on the back of a horse doing everything from rodeoing to showing in the AQHA. My ability to love and understand animals stems from being thrown on a horse early and building a relationship with them.

I am also a sucker for sports of all kinds! I was a gymnast for most of my childhood and loved participating in as many extracurricular activities as possible. My all-time favorite sport is volleyball! I played all through high school and spent my extra time on the court with a volleyball in my hands. I am pretty tall (about 5’9), so my place was on the front row, mostly playing middle and outside. My nickname was “hops”… can you guess why?

My love for animals grows as the number of dogs I get to help multiplies yearly. Not only do I get to help these dogs become loving and easy companions, but I get to help them live long and healthy lives, guiding their owners to find the diet that works for their fur babies.

In this blog, you will find tips and tricks for training and learning how diet affects the everyday life of our pets. But it won’t stop there… I am obsessed with finding success in my personal life from work, social circles, physical and mental health, diet, and much more! I want to share this success with all of my clients and friends. Whether you are here for tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle, give your pet their best life, or maybe it’s both… welcome! I’m so glad you are here!

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