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“My mission is to help those around me reach their full potential. I am passionate about teaching people about living a healthy lifestyle and making their fur baby less of a chore and more of a happy and healthy companion.” -Karlee Stark.

  • How Do I Know I Am Ready For a Dog?

    How Do I Know I Am Ready For a Dog?

    As a dog trainer, one of the main questions I get asked is, “How do I know I am ready to get a dog?” I usually respond by listing the responsibilities of having a dog and everything else that comes with it. However, as I was responding to multiple clients all wondering the same thing,… Read more

  • Why Should I Have a Mentor?

    Why Should I Have a Mentor?

    Have you ever considered getting a mentor to assist with your business goals? Are you feeling stuck or unsure of where to go next? For most of my life, I have been extremely independent to the point I never wanted anyone’s help with anything because, in my head, it was easier to just do it… Read more

  • Potty Training Your Puppy

    Potty Training Your Puppy

    Potty training a puppy can be unbelievably frustrating. It takes time and patience for everyone involved. But with the proper structure and boundaries, your puppy should pick it up in no time. Here is some helpful information to make the potty training process more efficient: Your puppy should not have free reign of your house…… Read more

  • Can I Really Work From Home?

    Can I Really Work From Home?

    Let’s be honest here… nothing is worse than getting up at 5 am to go to a job you hate, with people you don’t like, just to come home at 6 pm with enough time to eat dinner and go to bed. Who wishes to live their life that way? NOT me. My entire life,… Read more

  • Nail Your Morning Routine!

    Nail Your Morning Routine!

    What is one thing you want to change about your life? The way you eat? How often you travel? Your relationship with your spouse? Or it’s as simple as how much water you drink in a day. Believe it or not, it all boils down to what we do from the moment we open our… Read more

  • New Puppy! Now What?

    New Puppy! Now What?

    So… you or your family just got a new puppy; what’s next? No one ever talks about the first steps we should take when we get a puppy… let alone the steps that will set us up for a successful future with that puppy. Getting a puppy is always exciting until the newness wears off,… Read more

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